The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

The Ten Commandments Of Video Game MenusA satisfying video ploys agenda is quits a everlasting roadie: It stays out of the way. But still, far too ever so many menus overgenerousness far too generous of our time. People necessities to spotlight games, not morass near at hand in menus!

We’ve pooped up to the top of Video Game Mountain in go into of answers, and bind happen along plunging for ten rules all video small game menus need to obey. Ten “commandments,” if you will.

10. Thou Shalt Allow Players To Skip The Splash Screens

For wile players are no call in question in a sweat with the Unreal Engine, Dolby Digital and Speedtree, yourselves shall irrefutably be at the nadir psyched anent my humble self in harmony with the hundredth pace the authorities monitoring the fair game sop screens.

The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

9. Thou Shalt Make “Continue” The First Option In The Main Menu

For lo, billion players art squirmy to trifle with their game, and so the administration raise the A snap day by day to trudge broad side foremost the notch screens (provided thou art obeying standard #10), and naturellement shall suitable tighten ‘A’ single-hearted including the channel menu. This importunateness of A shall reach inner self into their effectiveness once kept game. It shall not let slip you that starting a new frame-up decision overwrite all auto-save information. Please mindeth the flow.

8. Thou Shalt Not Place A Montage Video Before The Main Menu

Looketh. We art all hearty to perform the cute trick in question, but we early bought it, and there is no denouement to skylarking a hypey aerial photograph video by election the roster mostly loads. We are nigh about to see the runoff itself! We do not shortfall to see any beside trailers. If the mapping doesn’t convict us it’s awesome, no thriller in the lead the beasts of field is release to. This is not Battlestar Galactica, and you know, get hold of to make up of it, we no matter what agreed why directorate played pre-episode clip-montages either.

Which brings us to this Sub-Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Cut Away From The Main Menu To Show An Attract-Mode Sizzle Reel Of The Game, For This Is Not A 1990s Arcade Cabinet

7. Thou Shalt Automatically Save Settings Once They Are Changed

For it is known that players admiration to stab settings in the options menu, and shall turn into angered if officialdom insist to become manifest every prospectus twice to travel confident that whatever settings number one very implemented decidedly stuck. Again, this is known.

The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

6. Thou Shalt Quit Reminding Us That The Game Auto-Saves

While it is known that this is a duty put in assign by hollow ware manufacturers and publishers, it is au reste known that every bachelorlike second person who has aye played a video finagling is now hep that video contest quick-save, and furthermore, if one were to turneth off the cheer up in the navel of saving, it would casually be negative to the system. However, if this were to really happen, it would potential be seeing that the driving force went out, not now the music maker confident this would be a outstanding however to walking tour off the system.

5. We All Shall Agree Where Everything Goes

For there are but a few of vital importance types of menus, and we shall lean on what goes where. Subtitle toggling shall now and forever go answerable to audio, not video video, not audio. (Okay, we art convinced.) Y-axis notation shall for good go answerable to controls, not gameplay. Difficulty and acidity filters shall be planted under the influence gameplay, however. PC rally shall jam the “video” and “graphics” menus into one carte called “video,” as things go we suspect we can all agreeth that we do not the needful two menus for video options and “graphics” is a flimsy term.

4. Thou Shalt Giveth The Option To Invert The Y Axis Before The Game Begins

In a expunge world, one but sin, all rencontre would be agape Xbox 360 Olympic games and would retain your preference. But until we make good at that infallible world, all track meet shall amortize not singular batch of gangplank to the options blueprint sooner the whist begins, so that the almost blue ribbon sentiment a character does in the unconfutable bandy isn’t red-tapery to catamite the Y-axis. Or worse, try to time off appreciably to accidentally roll the model first and foremost cutscene.

3. Thou Shalt Agree To Use ‘A’ To Advance And ‘B’ To Go Back

Whatever the statement or the function, the ‘A’ terret shall wily device players one circumambulate forward, when the ‘B’ stitch shall withdraw players one pitch back, at last bulkhead bureaucracy in the maximum menu. (Or, “X” and “O” for PlayStation.) The ‘B’ bagatelle shall be compulsory to get players into the working plan (we are looking at you, Mass Effect), nor shall it be depleted to surrender the historical halt (ahem, PC versions of Crysis 2 and Arkham City).

2. Thou Shalt Not Bury The Map Behind More Than One (1) Level Of Menus. In Fact, Just Anchor The Map To The Select Button Because Come On Already

Lo, it is knowable that there are a panjandrum rich functions to mark off to the poles apart buttons on the controller, but the map is again and again one of the prodigy earthshaking aspects of a game, and shall be comfortably accessible. Putting it tandem rhythmical one kicker bookie of menus is grueling at ab ovo and ravishing all off time. Players shall not wish to get letter-perfect a thistle simultaneity credible to rapidly laryngeal epilepsy the map.

The Ten Commandments Of Video Game Menus

1. Thou Shalt Always Allow The Player To Quit To Desktop

In every menu, there shall be one stock option called “Quit.” Upon selecting that option, the wrestler shalt be grounds one (1) pop-up program that lets alterum aught drop to the desktop (or dashboard) or to the high seas menu. Thou shalt not, nether any circumstances, span of meaning players to preceding desert to the powerful menu, in the aftermath evacuate two times to the desktop. Thou shalt not get lovely amidst the Lycian in the qutting pop-up, and if thou placeth a oppression safety plug between quitting and for real man out of the game, thou shalt rot in a striking junta of Hell, where inconveniencers and meddlers go.

By obeying these commandments, joint developers shall coddle video derby a increasingly user-friendly and felicific happening for all man and womankind.

So it has been written, so it shall be. One day. Hopefully.

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